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PERIODIC REVIEW OF WORKS It is the management policy to periodically visit our clients facilities or equipments to see that they comply with the maintenance structure for corrective measures and reporting.

Pipeline engineersQUALITY POLICY
The management of Leadway Marine Services Limited through the application of established codes, standards and guidelines is totally committed to our customer satisfaction.

This we do by ensuring that our inspections, tests, certifications, sales and supply services which we provide are of the highest quality which meets or exceeds client’s requirements and to maintaining an organizational culture that fosters continuous improvement. The company will not compromise quality against profit, we shall strive to always be professional in our operations.

Leadway Marine Services Limited is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, customers and visitors throughout their job sites. Health, Safety and environmental protection is a fundamental concern at all levels of management in our organization.

Risk assessment will be done before commencement of any relevant operation. Findings would be strictly adhered to form the basis for that task accomplishment. To accomplish this we shall:

It is the management policy that in every service and operation a supervisor is assigned to the compliance with the approved standard procedure to all activities.

Leadway Marine Services Limited is committed to the welfare of her host community where she operates.

We will also adhere to our client’s individual policy on community relations, we shall ensure that we contribute positively to the development of the host community by employing indigenes of host communities, protect the environment of our host communities and carry out social welfare functions when the need arises.

The company will not be involved in politics of host communities but will work with accredited community liaison personnel for a harmonious work environment. We are also aware that at the declaration of force majeure, all our personnel shall evacuate the site with all company’s properties.

Leadway Marine Services Limited is committed to supporting and encouraging the career and professional development of its entire workforce. Training is planned, managed and monitored through a coordinated training procedure.

Leadway Marine Services Limited ensures that staffs across all disciplines have access to relevant industry’s training programme to realize our organizational goals in terms of quality service, reliability and customers’ satisfaction in all our operations.

Leadway Marine Services Limited is committed to maintaining safe, healthy and efficient working conditions for its employees.

Personnel under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on duty poses a serious health and safety risks not only to himself but also to those who work closely with him. Possession, use, or sale of illegal drugs or alcohol in the work place is prohibited as this has high potential to create unacceptable risks to safe, healthy and efficient operations.

Leadway Marine Services Limited Stop Work Authority (SWA) Policy establishes the responsibility of her employees to STOP work when an unsafe condition or unsafe act that could result in an undesirable events is noticed. In general terms, the stop work authority (SWA) process involves a stop, notify, correct, and resume approach for the solution.

Situation that initiate STOP WORK (SWA) includes: unsafe condition, at risk behaviour, significant near-loss, emergency situation, alarm sounds, change in conditions, change in scope of work, change in work plan, and anytime an employee feels that personnel, environment, or equipment is at risk.

It is the policy of Leadway Marine Services Limited to prohibit smoking at non designated area on all company premises in order to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. Smoking here can be defined as the act of lighting, smoking or carrying a lighted or smouldering cigarette or pipe of any kind.

Designated Smoking Area Smoking shall be only done at approved designated smoking points which a risk assessment has been done. Smoking shall not be accepted at any other location. Employees who violate this smoking policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including immediate dismissal.